Discover how to put creativity into action and identify the resource you have. This workshop explores mechanisms for managing creativity. We help unpack key motivations, needs and aspirations to define a working pattern that engages with the stimuli and stresses inherent in self driven creative work. How do we move forward and navigate intuition, experience, knowledge and anxieties? 

One to one coaching - The creative strategies workshop serves as a short exercise for individuals looking to clarify practice or work, developing new directions or working through obstacles.

Education - We currently run this workshop as part of the general creative development for BA/MA final year students.

Industry - This workshop is ideal for internal team development. It can work across a range of industries and organisations in support of collective ideation, skill awareness and contextualising strengths and weaknesses and how to navigate through them. 

For one coaching we suggest 1 day and for groups of 2 to 20 people we recommend 2 to 3 days depending on requirements. 

We use a range of exercises based around five key stages – each stage requires list making, note taking and shared communication. Depending on the group setting some aspects of the workshop are developed through collaborative discussion.  



STAGE 1: How do we make sense of, move away from or use what is behind us, what has made us? We workshop ideas on origin, influence, experience, knowledge, intuition and identity.


STAGE 2: The situated Self explores current status. What is the perspective we view our work from. What is currently affecting us, what are we responding to? Where are we and what resources do we have or have access to?


STAGE 3: How do we work with or around obstacles, how do we respond to and consider challenges, what values might there be in exploring the nature of agitation. 


STAGE 4: Creating the balance of short term and long term goals. The power in the balance of aspiration and navigating reality. The importance in the gesture and momentum of action and aims.


STAGE 5: Each participant will have tailored mechanisms for identifying, navigating and utilizing their own creativity. These tools serve as flexible principles that can be applied and re-explored as needed. 

In understanding better how we connect and utilise our creativity through complex processes we might in turn add value to our individual approach to practice. Participants should leave with a clearer overview of working practice and strategies for management of creative expectation and a more sustainable approach to creative practice.  

Get in touch and say hi if you would like to know more. ︎ dp3.0