WHAT IS dp3.0?

We are a creative support studio focused on developing, communicating and supporting ‘progressive creativity’ as a tool, resource and sustainable action in projects across art, fashion, design and education industries.

Supporting individuals and organisations.

_Provide insight, dynamic, support and structure for
the development and production of Creative actions. 

_Embed the value of process, story and creative sustainability in the projects we support.

_Design immersive interactions between creatives, industries and audiences.

_Workshop how to use and activate creativity both individually and collectively.



_De Beauvoir 
_London AN1 4DL 

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doing             dining           ducks            dramatic        dynamic           doggy           daily         definite            delightful               daring           different             diving          dancing                     deliberate         dream       

passing            process                  pigeons          project                  pause           position              paddle              praise        prospect        posing                   people      perspective             point               privately      


WHO ARE dp3.0?

Developed by David Poole and Dasha Selyanova, we work collaboratively with other ‘creative’ specialists in research, education and practice to provide a truly progressive approach in supporting new creative ventures. 

We are interested in the broad application of creativity within practice and lving. How do we make the process and production of work be a functioning and sustaining creative action that reflects who we are as individuals, as a collective and as a changing society. 

-PROGRESSIVE CREATIVITY - an evolving and dynamic process of comprehension, understanding, synthesis and expression.

Born in Dublin, Ireland.
A degree in Fashion design and MA in Graphics. 
David has worked across Fashion, Design, Art and Education industries for over 30 years. With extensive experience in education, designing and delivering a range of fashion and communication programmes. David has and continues to work as fashion consultant, designer and project developer across all of these industries and his work is marked by its diversity in approach and his ability to cross pollinate in ideation.
Born in St Petersburg, Russia
A degree in Fashion design. 
Dasha works across Fashion Design, consultancy and Lecuring. Having produced her own fashion label ZDDZ  which retailed across Europe and Russia Dasha developed specific interests in the semiotics of fashion marketing and the anthropological aspects of consumer behaviour and habits and is currently undertaking an MA in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Goldsmiths University London.