︎︎︎3.0 RANGE

3.0 RANGE is a project exploring design processes, production and fashion systems. The range is part of a larger project exploring how we use and activate creativity, to enable other actions. 

Ideas and products are based around the continuous discussion, collaborations and collected references, observations and questions on how we use clothes and how we evaluate design interactions with fashion.

3.0 R1 CBT

3.0 R1 CBT Range plays with the conscious action of wearing clothes. The performative aspect of using our clothes, moving in our clothes, changing how our clothes look on us.

Creating pieces that work with or are transformed by other garments in the range, or already owned, layered, twisted and intertwined with each other. Customised by things we might collect around us, keys, chains, ropes, belts, straps, bags.

Clothing as actions of  necessity, habit and performance. Making the action of wearing something more conscious.
Fashion!A system of reflective responses based on collective behaviors that can be utilised better perhaps?