As part of our collective research interests and practice we produce a range of collaboraitve and particapitory creative workshops and events. In some instances these workshops are embeded within our own teaching practices and others are through collaborative interactions with other creatives/researchers, practitoners. Many ideas developed in these workshops directly influence and inform our live public events. 


We currently have a range of “Creative Strategy” workshops in process, some are focussed  around the management of expectations within creative skill development and learning within third level teaching. Other workshops are in development merging disciplines and approaches and focussing on sustainability of creative practices.


In active mapping we facilitate the visualisation of the creative process in relation to contributing factors and expectations. This can be through note taking, making, drawing and through objects, tools, space.
In some cases we invite collaborators to produce their own maps independently based around a number of key guides. This is ongoing research that reflects and responds to developments in other areas of our research.


Manifestos of action/activism and possibility: at the root of what we do is the belief in the power of the gesture and intention,or the gesture of intention. How do we engage in the unknown with a conviction that we can do something with it.Of course we may not achieve what was fully intended but in that failure what we have achieved in our pursuit, what new knowledge and experience can we act upon.  “Gesture and action” is an ongoing area of research and interest that feeds into many of our interactions and live events.