Collectively, much of our background and current work revolves around the systems of fashion, from design and lecturing, production, promotion and image making. For us fashion is a very broad and fluid language and dialogue around identity, desire, connection, expression and our relationships with consumerism, commodification, communication and the sustainability of systems we might adhere to.


Our collected observations and interests in the anthropolgy of fashion feeds into how we approach fashion communication. A lot of our work begins around the documentation of “reall associations” and connections between the individual, thier communities and the broader systems of belonging and interaction. We are interested in how we might extend investigation and interactions through particpation and immersive projects.



How we use what we wear as expressions of ourselves, as masks, as uniform, as nescessity, as status, as disguise means even the simplest use of a garment can be a window into how societies operate and how as it’s members we constantly transmit messages to each other without necessarily being aware of it. “Modes” is a collection of ongoing and developing research projects and workshops exploring our relationships with clothing and objects.


A significant part of our WIP stems from a deep rooted interest around the activity of creativity, the functioning of what we call “creativity” and the value systems we apply to the action of being creative. How do we evaluate creative processes in the context of increased commodification of sustainability of practice and resources, what are we doing to protect or embed value in creativity?