A significant part of our WIP stems from a deep rooted fascination around the activity of creativity, the functioning of what we call “creativity” and the value systems we apply to the action of being creative. How do we evaluate creative processes in the context of increased commodification of sustainability of practice and resources, what are we doing to protect or embed value in creativity? 


In each project we approach we attempt to ackowledge concious awareness of our actions and intentions in an attempt  to isloate and identify motivations, influence, neeeds, functionality, practicality. In breaking down processes and motivations we can identify contrubuting factors, we can shift focus, we can utltise nuance and in turn identify other possibiliies. Our research around process mapping is currently associated with design but we are interested to broaden this into other creative disciplines, physical, theorectical, visual, sound. 


Workbooks form the basis of some interactive research and live workshops. Each iteration of a workbook attempts to refine and define new actions and suggestions we might work through in order to understand our creativity more. Of course these are not finished projects but we enjoy the exploration of visual language and physical aids as tools to capture our interpretations of creative processes.


We are exploring a range of mapping exercises from list making, mark making, notes, objects and how we might engage with ideas of the space or parameters we think in, or invision  within. Alongside the action of mapping we are continually investigating ideas around motivations, causality, contributing factors. This links very much with how we approach our design, education and public projects.