A creative problem shared...



Developing or sustaining a creative practice and process can be challenging as an individual, working independently or as part of a team.
Having a sounding board and support to work through ideas, possibilities and problems can be the difference between manifesting ideas or being crushed by fear, habit and expectation.

We provide ‘one to one’focussed and tailored ‘Creativity Support’.
Through bespoke sessions we support you in navigating and developing personal objectives within your practice or project. 


  • guidance and support based on your needs.

  • a sounding board to explore your ideas.

  • shared and collaborative ideation support.

  • strategies to navigate, process and indentify key goals.



A brief intro and overview of specific interests and/or needs is requested before sessions take place, this allows us to offer the a tailored support service.
After you have booked a session we will be in touch about what you need to prepare and to work out time slot that suits you best.


We work with you to overview and review your working process, help in defining solutions and identifying directions and potential.


We all have a story.

We believe that in order for creativity to work we need to look holistically at what is going on around you, what is the context you are trying develop creativity in. So your story matters. 


We all have stumbling blocks.

We help unpick where the stumbling blocks might be and tackle recurring patterns that are hard to move past. 


We all have untapped potential.

We work together to explore the patterns of production and creativity in your work. What has worked when and what can be utlised or realized further. How do your ideas fit into the future?   


We all need a map.

We help you in focussing on key objectives based on defined goals and mangeable expectations. We work together to map out a strategies in moving forward. 



  • These sessions are faciliated by David Poole. 

  • David has worked across Fashion, Design, Art and Education industries for over 30 years. With extensive experience in education designing and delivering a range of fashion and communication programmes,  he is passionate about how we activate, work through and manage our creativity. David has and continues to work as fashion consultant, designer and project developer across all of these industries and his work is marked by its diversity in approach and his ability to cross pollinate in ideation.  


Negotiated with client as per their needs.


These sessions are online via zoom.

  • 50 minutes.


€120 for

  1st session. (prep and 1 hour session)
€90 per hour for each following session.  

For further information on these sessions you can email dp3point0@gmail.com

  • You can review more specific information on David Poole here