dp3.0 workshops are designed to support and promote progressive creativty. We identify tools and techniques that allow us to better ulisie, steer and nurture our creative potential, indvidually and collectively. 

We design bespokde Creativity Workshops for a range of clients from educational institutions to commerical companies to smaller organisations.


nurture core creative DNA


develope and refine creative skills and processes.


learn to map and navigate complex scenrious and processes individually and as part of a team.


identify and build dynamic momentum and direction.


recognise patterns and potential in our processes.


navigate experience, lived and experience and expecation.



 Manage the abstract within and tackle the world beyond.



All of our workshops and projects are designed to be adapted, flexible in scope and scale, bespoke to the individual or group specifics and needs.

Workshops are facilitated by varying members of our team depending on the size of the group and logistics. We have team members working from Ireland, Belgium and the UK.

Our workshops are currently only in English. 


_in situ     
_one on one  



We also provide a more personaliased programme in our
‘Creativity Support Service’ which also utlisies key fundamentals explored across our workshops.