We consult and support a range of creatives across Fashion, Design and Art to in the development of concepts and production and promotion of ideas.



CLIENT: Joanne Hynes

DATE: Current

LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland.

Irish designer Joanne Hynes produces an exclusive collection for one of Ireland's largest retailers, Dunnes stores. We work with Joanne on brand strategy and creative consultancy to develop a message that connects to the customer and is intuitive to the designers DNA.

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DATE: April 2021


A range to celebrate 60 years since Yurii Gagarin travelled to space to promote the event and raise the awareness of the history and legacy amongst younger audiences.
The range was presented as a part of an exhibition at the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow and also sold in selected retail spaces.



DATE: 2016 - 2019

LOCATION: Moscow, Russia/London UK

Creative direction/event production for the contemporary fashion brand to communicate brand narrative about identity of youth, community and sense of belonging. A project with the aim to give young voices space to be heard.

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