Creativity in our core.

We are the manifestation of coexisting complex systems and mechanisms that together generate what we understand as our ‘being’, that is everything.

Through creativity we question, explore, connect and communicate in very visceral ways with the world in motion around us and within us. In harnessing the dynamic in the action of ‘being’ we are able to find ourselves, but we all need support in nurturing that resource



WHAT IS dp3.0?

We are a creative studio focused on developing, communicating and supporting ‘progressive creativity’ as a tool, resource and sustainable action in projects across art, fashion, design and education industries.



_insight, dynamic, support and structure.

_a focus on process, story and creative sustainability.

_immersive interactions between creatives, industries and audiences.

_workshops on how to use and activate creativity both individually and collectively.


an evolving and dynamic process of comprehension, understanding, synthesis and expression.







Joanne Hynes
Curation support. 

dp3.0 curated and co-produced a first solo show for Joanne Hynes, an exhibition of framed archive work, new digital image making and sculptural vignettes which all formed around extracts from Joanne Hynes writing. The exhibition draws a line between past work and new directions and defines a clear narrative of creative practice. 

July 2023
Dublin, Ireland.


CTB film
Concept and design.

A range of promotional pieces to celebrate the work of Russian Film director Sergey Bodrov and the 30 years since the launch of his seminal works ‘Brat’ 1 and 2.

In a complicated time where narratives are distorted and over simplified we pay tribute to Bodrov’s alternative perspectives and the complicated loves and connections of an anti hero.

Dec 2022
St. Petersburg


Joanne Hynes Studio
Creative support.

_dp3.0 work with the designer and artist Joanne Hynes to help define, navigate and communicate an overview of her creative practices. We guide and support emerging ideas and build in contexts and structure that enable rich creative growth and expression.

2024 - ongoing

Kosmo Museum
Concept development and design.

A promo range and concept to celebrate 60 years since Yurii Gagarin travelled to space for the Kosmo Museum Moscow.
An idea of‘Firsts’, piovotal moments in a life.



Creative direction

Creative direction/event production to communicate brand narrative around identity, youth, community and sense of belonging.
A project with the aim to give young voices space to be heard.

 2016 - 2019





dp3.0 workshops are designed to support and promote progressive creativty. We identify tools and techniques that allow us to better utilise, steer and nurture our creative potential, indvidually and collectively.

We design bespoke Creativity Workshops for a range of clients from educational institutions to commerical companies to smaller organisations.


an evolving and dynamic process of comprehension, understanding, synthesis and expression


_mapping the situated self


In this workshop we explore what can be
gained in the overview of our own complexity and how we can creatively engage with and navigate the messiness of our own being to activate our potential.


_seizing creativity  


This course offers a supported journey through some of the innate creative instincts and intuitions of our own living systems and how we can harness that as a tool for life.

Course coming soon


Thus is a visualization - overview and action based workshop for teams and groups where we unpick and identify routes forward that utilise the inherent potential within team structures. We explore the value of a flexible perspective and how this empowers both the individual and broader collective.



All of our workshops and projects are designed to be adapted, flexible in scope and scale, bespoke to the individual or group specifics and needs.

Workshops are facilitated by varying members of our team depending on the size of the group and logistics. We have team members working from Ireland, Belgium and the UK.

Our workshops are currently only in English.





We also provide a more personaliased programme in our
‘Creativity Support Service’ which also utlisies key fundamentals explored across our workshops.